Enterprise Solutions :

For rapidly evolving business models combined with high technology complexity of the existing landscape, standard COTS solutions have a low fit and do not offer flexibility to rapidly build the components for the gaps and integrate within the existing technology environment.
Ramco’s model-driven VirtualWorks platform delivers global-class applications that are composed, not coded, using existing or newly created business assets that adapt and scale with IT infrastructure. The platform provides complete and continuous alignment of business processes and applications by integrating process model blueprinting, services development, legacy migration, a business services repository, and an integrated services environment to assemble applications.
Based on SOA standards, Ramco VirtualWorks provides a uniform, non-proprietary architecture that works with all technologies and infrastructure platforms. Tailored enterprise applications are now a reality by leveraging over 1,000 pre-built business services or by co-creating new ones for easy and rapid reuse, with the highest level of software quality. The platform follows a Model, Develop, Reuse, Catalog and Assemble approach to building these tailored enterprise class solutions.